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Model #TP300 3x3
The Magforce trash pump is one of a kind. Designed for the most demanding applications, this trash pump superbly performs every time. Whether you're pumping water from a flooded basement or draining a remote pond, the super mobile trash pump allows you to perform the job single handedly.

The Magforce trash pump is so powerful it can pump 264 gallons per minute, allowing you to get the job done quickly. This pump is designed to handle nonvolatile, nonflammable liquids containing specified entrained solids and non-corrosive liquids.

MSRP $1720.00

Gallons Per Hour
15840 GPH
Fuel Capacity
2.3 Gallons
3850 +/- 150
Low Octane Gas
L-36", W-23", H-27"
Net Weight
84 Lbs.
208cc - Gasoline Engine
Manual Start
Rugged Construction
Cast Iron Impeller
Aluminum Pump Housing
Fast Priming
Low Oil Protection
Warranty Period
1 Year Equipment, 2 Yr Engine